TexCoupon™ is an ideal product if you wish to start a marketing campaign to offer incentives or discounts to a loyal base of customers. You can even eliminate the expensive scratch cards and instead have text coupons. The coupon codes can be validated and redeemed instantly from a cellphone.

Participants can opt-in to get mobile coupons to their phones. Our system generates unique codes so businesses can track purchases.
TexCoupon can also work with paper based scratch cards. The participants will need to SMS the scratch code to a virtual number and the response will indicate the prize.
TexCoupon system can generate unique promotion codes with a combination of alphabets and numerals.
TexCoupon offers a clever strategy to muster thousands of mobile opt-in subscribers.
TexCoupon offers instant-gratification to participants by delivering personalized prizes instantly.
Campaigns may be conducted for a closed group of participants, such as, employees or distributors of an organization. Filters can be setup to redeem prizes only from a known list of mobile numbers.
For an Admin managing the campaigns, TexCoupon is a 100% browser based system with convenient web console to view the redemption of coupons.
TexCoupon can manage overlapping campaign groups and expiry dates.


Send your queries to email and our support team is available to respond to your questions, complaints, requests and suggestions during regular business hours from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Emails are normally answered within 48 hours.

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