TexPoint™ Does your business have a SMS touch point? Prospects sending text messages to an individual mobile number can be risky. If you want to handle inbound SMS to your company in a professional manner, then this is the product. Business owners love the idea of a unique keyword with virtual number that can be accessed like an inbox.

Allows businesses to configure multiple keywords and provide a direct connection to their customers via virtual number. Each keyword will have a separate inbox and trash folder making it easy for customer representatives to handle large volume of incoming SMS.
A company executive, with a mobile phone, cannot handle a large volume of incoming SMS. The phone inbox may overflow, and sometimes an accidental fall or delete is not uncommon. There is also no way to monitor follow-up to customer queries, if the SMS is seen only by one executive. Hence, TexPoint offers multi-user, centralized inbox where each and every SMS is stored in a safe database and responses can be monitored for quality and promptness.
TexPoint offers a powerful reporting tool, designed to give fast access to SMS statistics. With facilities to filter data based on a time period, destination number, keyword, sender number, etc. The reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel to further slice and dice the data.
Online Payment allows you to purchase keywords that identify with your business and within few hours, start using the virtual number. We also offer a dedicated virtual number for enterprisess who wish to do so. This is ideal for customers who wish to have a catch-all SMS option.

Pricing Plans

Our prices are monthly, and based on the number of keywords. You can receive unlimited SMS to your keyword without affecting your monthly fee.

1 Keyword

Rs. 1000

per month
  3 Keywords

Rs. 2,500

per month
  5 Keywords

Rs. 4,000

per month
  10 Keywords

Rs. 7,000

per month

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Send your queries to email and our support team is available to respond to your questions, complaints, requests and suggestions during regular business hours from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Emails are normally answered within 48 hours.

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