TFare™ is a complete SMS based sales order management system. The 2-Way SMS system runs on the cloud, and interfaces with company Warehouses, Wholesalers and Distributors to accept orders and closing stock information.

TFare empowers companies to enable customer communication via SMS to accept and manage orders, dispatch and updates. Customers can place orders, cancel orders, modify orders all via SMS.
TFare is a fully hosted, multi-location, multi-user product without any need to load software on individual computers or manage upgrades. While the field force interacts with the system via the SMS, the company personnel interact using the friendly web browser software.
TFare morphs itself based on the login credentials and offers functionality that is significantly different for each user. For instance, the admin control panel is used to manage other users, manage product master, setup distributors, etc., while the warehouse user login will only offer region specific orders and restricted reporting capability.
When you have hundreds or thousands of SMS flooding the inbox containing product codes and quantities, the job of deciphering becomes daunting, for any person. TFare does the job effortlessly and displays decoded SMS along product quantity of all orders in succinct format, which can also be exported to individual Excel spreadsheets.
Setting up a Virtual number is like opening the doors of your company for anyone to send SMS to your system. This could lead to SPAM or worse malicious hackers trying to break-in. To avert any such breach, TFare has a built-in SMS Firewall mechanism to reject all SMS from unknown senders. However, every hour the discarded SMS report will be sent to company customer care for analysis.
SMS Auto Response functionality is built into TFare along with smart hints if the SMS is not in prescribed format.
Sophisticated reporting capability is included to enable quick analysis and decision making. Every report can be further exported to Microsoft Excel format for in-depth analysis.
Daily, weekly and monthly database back-ups ensure that data is safe and retrievable in case of disaster.
As per Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, National-Do-Not-Call (NDNC) Registry, also known as National Customer Preference Register (NCPR) has been implemented across India to curb SPAM messages. This registry sometimes block valid SMS from reaching customers. To avoid this issue, TFare uses safe white-listing strategy with the help of Opt-In Virtual Number.


Send your queries to email and our support team is available to respond to your questions, complaints, requests and suggestions during regular business hours from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Emails are normally answered within 48 hours.

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